Tek-Dry Systems cereal dryers & coolers produce top quality cereals including rice, corn, extruded and coated products. We use the latest 3D design and simulation software to ensure our dryers are at the pinnacle of cereal processing equipment available today. Tek-Dry Systems cereals dryers are installed into some of the worlds largest and most well known producers. Our single pass suction drying system minimises fines generation, and coupled with high moisture removal per m² of dryer, has a substantially reduced footprint. Lower operating temperatures not only improve efficiency, but also produce products with uniform colour, moisture and texture.

Our equipment has exceptional internal access for ease of cleaning, and an efficient use of components provides extended running with reduced downtime.

Coated Cereal Dryer

Coated Cereal Dryer

Hygienic Internal Design

Principle benefits :

  • High moisture removal per m² of dryer.
  • Uniform moisture profile.
  • Lower Operating Temperatures.
  • Exceptional internal access for cleaning.
  • Automatic rinse in place systems.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Minimum number of moving parts.