Tek-Dry Systems drying equipment produces top quality French fries and pre-form / slivers & nubbins. We use the latest 3D design and simulation software to ensure our dryers are at the pinnacle of potato processing equipment available today.

Twin Line French Fry Dryers

French Fry Dryers

Tek-Dry Systems  French Fry dryers are installed into some of the worlds largest producers, with processing capacities up to 25t/hr and beyond. All our dryers utilise a single pass design, and coupled with high moisture removal per m² of dryer, have a substantially reduced footprint. Key to our design philosophy is hygiene. Our equipment has exceptional internal access with sloping internal surfaces. Together with pre installed rinse in place systems, our dryers are easy to clean and low maintenance.

French Fry Dryer

Preform Dryers & Coolers

Tek-Dry Systems  preform dryers & coolers are used by some of the worlds largest producers for efficient surface water removal and cooling prior to further processing. All our dryers and coolers utilise a single pass design, and inherit the same hygienic design philosophies from their larger brothers.

Slivers & Nubbins Dryer

Principle benefits :

  • High moisture removal per m² of dryer.
  • Uniform moisture profile.
  • Lower Operating Temperatures.
  • Exceptional internal access.
  • Ease of cleaning.
  • Automatic rinse in place systems.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Minimum number of moving parts.