Cutting Edge Cereal Dryers

Tek-Dry Systems engineer quality cereal dryers and coolers, enabling you to produce top quality cereal products including rice, corn, extruded and coated products.

Cutting Edge Cereal Dryers

Tek-Dry Systems engineer quality cereal dryers and coolers, enabling you to produce top quality cereal products including rice, corn, extruded and coated products.

Tek-Dry Systems cereal dryers are installed for some of the world’s biggest food manufacturing facilities and plants. We can supply single or multi-pass dryers that minimise fines generation, and where space is tight, our dryers have a relatively small footprint. Engineered in Lancashire, UK, we use simulation software in the design process to ensure our dryers are the best available to the cereal processing industry.

Make Your Cereals Perfect

Whatever heating system you choose – gas or electric, for example, our dryers can operate at low temperatures. The lower operating temperatures not only improve efficiency, but also produce products with uniform colour, moisture, and texture. Similarly, they can also operate at higher temperatures if needed. This gives you complete control and flexibility to create the perfect product.

Reliable & Low Maintenance

Halting production means losing money and in industries such as food processing, there can be a knock-on effect in the supply chain. Ensure your facility avoids any downtime with Tek-Dry Systems equipment. Fewer moving parts make our equipment lower maintenance and much less likely to experience failures.

Easy Clean

One of the core principles our design team hold is hygiene. Our cereal dryers have fully accessible internals and sloping internal surfaces, making them easy to keep clean yet still incredibly safe. Our dryers can include rinse-in-place, and conveyor wash and dry systems that enable automated washdown cycles.

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  • Tek-Dry Systems Industrial Cereal Dryer

Why Our Cereal Dryer?

We are at the pinnacle of designing and producing equipment for the cereal processing industry, no matter what your product is we may have a solution. Working with global brands, we’re trusted to help deliver quality cereal products and snacks to consumers and more.

Engineered at our Lancashire site, our dryers deliver excellent finished results, every time. Our cereal dryers and coolers have the following key features:

  • Excellent internal access for cleaning
  • Quick product changover – Hours not days to clean
  • High moisture removal per m² of dryer
  • Produced a uniform moisture profile in cereal
  • Lower operating temperature

  • Automatic rinse in place systems
  • Low maintenance – reduced part count and minimal downtime

The Nations Favourite Food

Cereals play a significant role in the food industry with consumers driving the demand for a variety of breakfast cereal and cereal-based snacks. From healthy options to novel shaped sugary treats, cereals are one of the most widely consumed foods, across all age groups. Of course, customers only want a perfectly finished product, emphasizing production methods that are efficient and produce the desired result.

In the case of cereals, it is the drying and cooling process that can have a significant impact on finished product quality. Incorrect or poor moisture control during drying can significantly affect taste, texture, and shelf life. Tek-Dry Systems cereal dryers both meet and exceed the industries need for high-quality cereal processing equipment.

Cereal Processing & Drying Expertise

Our adaptable cereal dryers can be utilised across the food production industry in a wide range of settings. Your dryer will be unique to your application. Please contact us for more details on how our dryers can work with your current and future products lines.

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